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Welcome to the Leiden Workshop in Political Science

Fall 2022

All meetings 12-1 p.m.

7 September

Yiannos Katsourides (University of Nicosia)

A ‘new’ political elite in radical left parties? What consequences for intra-party politics? Evidence from Greece (SYRIZA) and Cyprus (AKEL)

19 October

Kathleen Brown (Institute of Political Science, Leiden University)

Why Hide? Africa’s Unreported Debt to China

26 October

Rebecca Ploof (Institute of Political Science, Leiden University)

Can Rights be Enough? Depoliticization and the Climate Crisis

16 November, Leiden/FSW 5A29

Katharina Natter (Institute of Political Science, Leiden University)



Winter & Spring 2022 (Archived)

17-Feb-2022 (12:00 CET)

Mariëlle Wijermars (Maastricht University)

How platforms mediate authoritarian practices

24-Feb-2022 (12:00 CET)

Andre Bank (German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA))

3-Mar-2022 (12:00 CET)

Irene Menendez (IE University)

24-Mar-2022 (12:00 CET)

Marianne Dahl (Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO))

Who defects? Unpacking security force defection during violent and non-violent campaigns

31-Mar-2022 (12:00 CET)

Younes Saramifar (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

The Jewel of Men: Weaponry as Material Religion among Muslim Communities

7-Apr-2022 (12:00 CET)

Petr Kopecký (Leiden University), Jan-Hinrik Meyer-Sahling (University of Nottingham) & Maria Spirova(Leiden University)

(Extreme) Political Polarization and Party Patronage

14-Apr-2022 (12:00 CET)

Muhammet A. Bas (New York University Abu Dhabi)

21-Apr-2022 (12:00 CET)

Hilde van Meegdenburg (Leiden University)

28-Apr-2022 (12:00 CET)

Henning Tamm (University of St Andrews)

12-May-2022 (12:00 CET)

Erdem Aytaç (Koç University)

19-May-2022 (12:00 CET)

Jonathan Phillips (Leiden University)

Outsiders Against the Party Machine: Programmatic Reform in Subnational Democracies

10-June-2022 (12:00 CET)

Juan Masullo Jimenez (Leiden University)

16-June-2022 (12:00 CET)

Diana Davila Gordillo (Leiden University)


Fall 2021 (Archived)

21-Oct-2021 (12:00 CET)

Simon Otjes (Leiden University)

Local government participation between anti-elitism and localism

28-Oct-2021 (12:00 CET)

Tom Louwerse (Leiden University) and Wouter Schakel (University of Amsterdam)

Unequal Responsiveness in MP-Citizen Communication: A Comparative Field Experiment

11-Nov-2021 (12:00 CET)

Daphne van der Pas (University of Amsterdam)

Think Female Leader, Think…? Gender Stereotypes of Political Leaders

18-Nov-2021 (12:00 CET)

Leila Demarest (Leiden University)

Explaining the urban-rural divide: diversity and coethnic voting preferences among adolescents in Lagos state, Nigeria

2-Dec-2021 (12:00 CET)

Babak RezaeeDaryakenari (Leiden University) Yasemin Akbaba (Gettysburg College) Ozgur Ozdamar (Bilkent University)

Roles in Action: Iran and Saudi Arabia’s Faith-based Role Conflict in the Middle East

9-Dec-2021 (12:00 CET)

Loes Aaldering (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

Gender and Politics: Responding to Sexist Campaign Attacks

16-Dec-2021 (12:00 CET)

Graig Klein (Leiden University)

Protest Shocks and Armed Conflict: Moving from the Streets to the Battlefield


Winter & Spring 2021 (Archived)

5-Feb-2021 (12:00 CET)

Devrim Badamchi (Leiden University)

Academic Freedom: Reflections on Theory and Experience

12-Feb-2021 (16:00 CET)

Lenka Bustikova (Arizona State University)

Conventional and Unconventional Politics: Attitudes towards Far-Right Parties and Far-Right Armed Voluntary Militias in Ukraine

26-Feb-2021 (12:00 CET)

Vasilis Karakasis (Leiden University)

Adding Fuel to the Conflict: How gas reserves complicate the Cyprus question

5-March-2021 (12:00 CET)

Danie Stockmann (Hertie School; Leiden University)

Digital China: Managing Citizen Participation under Political Change

19-March-2021 (12:00 CET)

Shubha Kamala Prasad (European University Institute)

State (In)security: The Impact of Insurgencies on Economic Integration


26-March-2021 (12:00 CET)

Dan Honig (Johns Hopkins SAIS; Leiden University)

Mission-Driven Bureaucrats

Thursday 1-April-2021 (12:00 CET)

** April 2 is a public holiday (Good Friday) in the Netherlands, so this talk moved to Thursday. ** Reinoud Leenders (King’s College London)

Based on “Foreign sponsorship of pro-government militias fighting Syria’s insurgency: Whither proxy wars”


9-April-2021 (12:00 CET)

Elina Zorina (Leiden University)

Parliamentary cooperation consequences for democratic legitimacy and vote choice

Rick van Well (Leiden University)

Explaining government-opposition relations in parliament

16-April-2021 (16:00 CET)

Wendy Pearlman (Northwestern University)

From Category to Meaning-Making: Toward A Political Theory of Narrative Identity

23-April-2021 (12:00 CET)

Aleksandra Khokhlova (Leiden University)

Issue Responsiveness in the European Parliament: The Causal Effect of Institutional Change on Behaviour of MEPs

29-April-2021 (16:00 CET) ** Thursday **

Melani Cammett (Harvard University)

Persecuted Minorities and Prosocial Behavior: Accountability and Public Goods Provision Among Hindus and Muslims in Delhi Slums (with Poulomi Chakrabarti and David Romney)

7-May-2021 (16:00 CET)

Barbara Walter (University of California, San Diego)

Propaganda and Radicalization in an Internet Age

21-May-2021 (12:00 CET)

Kira Huju (University of Oxford)

The cosmopolitan standard of civilization: a critical sociology of elite belonging inside the Indian Foreign Service

28-May-2021 (12:00 CET)

Marina Calculli (Leiden University)

Mimetic hedging: how Hezbollah resists against the world


Fall 2020 (Archived)

30-Sep-2020 (12:00 CET)

Tim Glawion (GiGA) and Anne-Clémence Le Noan (Hertie School of Berlin)

The Genius Inefficacy of Rebel Governance: a case study of Ndélé in the Central African Republic

7-Oct-2020 (12:00 CET)

Leslie Wehner (University of Bath)

Personality Traits of Populist Leaders: Donald Trump and Hugo Chavez

14-Oct-2020 (12:00 CET)

Asli Cansur (University of Oxford)

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Electoral Responses to Proximity of Healthcare

21-Oct-2020 (16:00 CET)

Philip Roessler (College of William and Mary) with Yannick Pengl, and Valeria Rueda

Cash Crops, Print Technologies and the Politicization of Ethnicity in Africa

28-Oct-2020 (16:00 CET)

Juan Masullo J. (Leiden University)

The Human Costs of the War on Drugs Attitudes towards Militarization of Security in Mexico

4-Nov-2020 (12:00 CET)

Ilmari Kaihko (Swedish Defence University)

The Evolved Concept of Hybrid War and its Implications for Strategy and the Military Profession

11-Nov-2020 (16:00 CET)

Reyko Huang (Texas A&M University)

Friends in the Profession: Rebel Leaders, International Social Networks, and External Support for Rebellion

18-Nov-2020 (12:00 CET)

Josette Daemen (Leiden University)

The Many Faces of Security, Freedom, and the Relationship between the Two.

25-Nov-2020 (12:00 CET)

Fotini Christia (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

A Tale of Twitter and Telegram: Social Media Conflict Narratives from North Syria

2-Dec-2020 (12:00 CET)

Daniel Sobelman (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

From Hezbollah to Hamas, to the Houthis: The Diffusion of the ‘Resistance’ Model

9-Dec-2020 (16:00 CET)

Pablo Barbera (University of Southern California)

Does Exposure to Online Partisan Media Affect Political Attitudes and Behavior? Appendix

16-Dec-2020 (12:00 CET)

Klaus Schlichte (Universität Bremen)

Food Policy as Social Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa Background information